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Our capabilities

Users always come first

When designing a product, we always think of how users are going to experience it across all their devices.

Communicate with your users

New to marketing? Our marketing team can manage your presense across multiple networks and engage customers in realtime.

Bring your ideas to life

Your fantasy is the limit here. Using our elements you can make anything come true.

Completely secure

We don't take cyber security lightly. Our sites receive security updates daily.

Integrated SEO and Analytics

Our websites integrate with a variety of advanced marketing and analytic software. Including Inspectlet and Optimizely.

Beautifully Designed

Hand crafted with material design principles, with a focus on readability and white spaces.

Example Budgets

What does it cost to build an online presense?

SEO and Social Marketing

  • Custom content?
  • Onsite Optimisation?
  • Analytics Dashboard?
  • Daily Posts?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+?
  • Direct user engagement

E-Commerce and Online Businesses

  • 25,000+ Daily Orders?
  • 100+ Payment Gateways?
  • Manage 2000+ Products?
  • Constant Communication?
  • Shipping Integration?
  • Advertisements?

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take to redesign my website?

    The timeframe for designing a website can vary depending on the circumstances, but in general our websites are up and running within 2 weeks and the final details (changing fonts, colors, images, etc.) are usually completed within the first month. The timeline will depend mostly on your schedule. For example if you have the time to flesh out all the text you intend to use on your website, you might shave a week off of your timeframe.

  • Do you host websites or do I have to find my own hosting?

    We do host our client's websites if desired. Before we start working on your website, we'll setup a demo site on our server. You'll be able to see your site being built in realtime. Once the site is ready to launch, you can either have the files transferred to your own server, keep them on our server ($10/month), or we can add a new server to our account for your use ($20/month). All of our servers are hosted at Digital Ocean, which we've found to be the best service for the money.

  • Do you offer any on-going services or support?

    Each of our websites includes 6 months of tech support. During this time we'll keep your site's security and files updated, ensure that your server remains healthy, and provide you with suggestions for the future. Additionally, we offer several on-going services including social marketing, ad management, advanced tech support, and website management (continuously update the content on your site). Many of these services are included with our branding packages with hefty discounts.

  • What do I do once my website is finished?

    Your website is a major step toward improving your company's image, but it isn't the last. While we'll submit your website to google and other search engines, you'll need to market your website in order to increase your traffice and profits (that could mean running ads but doesn't have to). Our advice: Social media has become a powerful tool for small, local businesses; so if you don't have social profiles for your business, then that's your first step. It's cheaper and faster to compete on social networks for local customers than to compete against the "big dogs" for Google's prime real estate.

About us

Meet the superheroes

Our philosophy


Before we start any project, we must first discover where your business is. This will involve collecting information about not only your own online presense but also your competitors.


During the analysis phase, we'll evaluate what methods have worked for your business and what methods have not. This typically involves the collection of a substantial amount of analytics. Additionally, we'll start narrowing our design options to those best suited to your market and situation.


During this phase we identify methods that we can use to improve on your results. This may involve redesigning your website, refocusing your social marketing strategy, managing digital ads, etc.


During this phase we'll begin evaluating your growth. If you're an on-going client, then information we collect at this stage would be used to continually adjust your strategy.


It's your business, you should have control over it. While we'll manage your website and online profiles, you'll always have adminstrative access to your website, control over the text and images used, marketing strategies used, etc. In otherwords, manage your presense when you want, and let the professionals manage it when you can't.


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