Enterprise Solutions

Along with providing website and marketing solutions for small businesses, our team has years of collective experience working with enterprise-level marketing solutions. Collectively, our team has experience with large non-profit organizations, industrial manufacturers, the agriculture industry, law firms, growing startups, and the medical industry.


Getting Started with eCommerce

The Platforms

If you intend to sell merchandise online, you’ll need a powerful eCommerce platform. Our team has been providing our clients with eCommerce solutions since 2012. We offer two eCommerce solutions depending on your needs and budget. WooCommerce is our preferred option and powers nearly 39% of all internet stores. It is open source and heavily customizable. For those wishing to combine their store and main website into one, WooCommerce is the ideal solution. For those needing a more powerful eCommerce solution, look no further than Magento. Used by major brands including Burger King, Coca Cola, Ghirardelli, Zumiez, and thousands more.


Our Smart Sites are built on the WordPress platform and integrate with WooCommerce. Budgets generally range from $3400 to $7200 (including cost of Smart Site), and include PayPal integration as well as onsite Credit Card processing (excluding processing fees). If you’re in need of a more robust eCommerce solution, we will separate your store from your Smart Site and build it on the Magento platform. Budgets range from $3200 to $10,000+ (excluding cost of Smart Site) depending on the needs of your particular business. Generally, we would use this solution if you intend to have employees managing the site daily and expect at least 250,000 orders annually.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Inventory Management

It is important to have a strong inventory management system connected to your online store. This allows for you to keep track of your products as they are sold so that you may keep your clients informed of how much stock you have left.

Streamline Processes

Our team works with every client based on their needs and provides industry specific solutions. We take the time to dig into how your organization functions and find new ways to streamline process through automation.